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We optimize the project, from project development to project control, and ensure a seamless transition between completion and the building-management phase. Construction is becoming increasingly complex. In many cases, the client is unable to supervise everything individually.

The specialized technical, legal and commercial know-how needed to do so is simply too extensive. Project management begins during project development. Is the planned site suitable for the construction project? What problems are expected, and how can they be solved? What are the overall costs of the project, and how much time will be required? What planning and engineering services must be contracted out? What types of contracts are required? Questions abound.

Our recommendation: "Delegate finding the answers to a professional."

As it is said:

A sensible division of labour means added efficiency

Let us take care of the complicated operational details for you. Have us supervise your project sas a comprehensive, part-time construction department, or hire us as a consulting management-support team. Our project managers are at the heart of the construction process and have a firm grasp on a multitude of individual tasks. They will relieve you of the stressful burden of the construction process, allowing you to focus on major decisions that cannot be delegated.


Project Development

To profit from the value-added potential that your properties and real-estate holdings have to offer, you need absolute professionalism. Assessing the location, the real-estate market as well as the legal, political and technical conditions correctly is a complex task.

D@ech has the necessary expertise, vision and technical know-how to successfully develop your properties and real estate. Interdisciplinary technical knowledge based on our involvement in a diverse range of projects and experience with a number of high-profile properties creates a network that guarantees the basis for your success.

We understand the importance of initiating the right measures at exactly the right point in time and bringing together appropriate partners. We make our entire know-how available to you for specific tasks as well as for entire projects. Working on behalf of organizations in the private and public sectors, we perform the entire range of development-management tasks in the following areas:

  • Utilization / marketing
  • Urban land-use planning
  • Land re-allocation
  • Competitions
  • Project preparation

Project Control

In many cases, the growing complexity of any process makes it impossible for an owner to deal with all related matters himself: doing so simply requires too much technical, legal and economic expertise.

It begins during the project-development phase. Is the intended property suitable for the construction being planned? What problems are expected, and how can they be avoided? What will total costs be, and approximately how much time will the project take? What planning and engineering services should be contracted out, and what should the corresponding contacts look like? These questions call for compelling answers.

You can hire us either as a full-service "temporary construction department" to manage your entire project or use us as a consultant. Our project managers have their finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the construction industry and can master a large number of individual tasks.

Working close conjunction with your staff, we will perform special and routine tasks, which include:

  • Conduct negotiations,
  • Sound out aspects that are important to you as the owner,
  • Lead and protocol the most important meetings,
  • Condense information,
  • Organize the distribution of information,
  • Establish an organization for the project, and
  • Control the planning and construction process with regard to costs, deadlines and quality

You don't have to worry about supervising any part of the process, which allows you to focus on more important decisions that cannot be delegated.

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